CPT Codes: 86975

Laboratory Category Test Name Description Turn Around Times Sample, Packaging & Shipping Requirements CPT Code Form
IRL Red Cell Serology Drug Dependent Antibody Studies

Tests for identification of drug dependent antibodies

Depends upon request; See TAT description 2 large EDTA or red top tubes; sample of drug under investigation, in the same form (tablet, solution, capsules) that the patient is receiving 86850, 86970, 86975, 86976 Form BS 313
IRL Red Cell Serology Special Serum Studies (0.01 M DTT, others)

Selective inactivation of IgM class immunoglobulin

Depends upon request; See TAT description 1 plain red top and 4 EDTA tubes (No gel separator tubes); Shipped in a container maintaining temperature between 1C - 10 C 86975 Form BS 313