CPT Codes: 99090

Laboratory Category Test Name Description Turn Around Times Sample, Packaging & Shipping Requirements CPT Code Form
HLAI, IRL Platelet Refractory Panel HLAI Matched Platelet Pheresis Donor Search

Search of maintained registry of previously HLAI typed donors to identify suitably HLAI matched or compatible platelet pheresis donors for patients who are refractory to random donor platelets due to HLAI antibodies. For patients that have previously completed HLAI A,B typing or concurrent orders for HLAI typing.

Same Day NA 99090 HLAI Requisition Form BS 320H
HLAI, IRL Platelet Refractory Panel Platelet Refractory Panel

Platelet antibody screen and crossmatch, HLAI A,B typing, HLAI matched platelet donor search, HLAI antibody screen (if positive, HLAI antibody identification Class I)

48 hours Three EDTA whole blood, and 5-7 mL clot (serum) tube (no gel separators). Sample must be received in the IRL no later than 30 hrs after collection. Icteric, hemolyzed and/or lipemic samples interfere with test and should not be tested as per package insert. Shipped in a container maintaining temperature between 1C - 10C 99090 Form BS 313, HLAI Requisition Form BS 320H