Requisition Forms

We are in the process of bringing together more than a dozen of the nation’s leading blood services providers as Vitalant. There are some laboratory services and materials that are unique to your longtime blood or laboratory services provider. Please find your blood or laboratory provider’s former name below and choose from the links listed.

Blood Centers of the Pacific

Central Blood Bank

  • Diagnostics (Coagulation Laboratory and Therapeutic Hemapheresis)

LifeSource (Chicago area)

  • Diagnostics (Coagulation Laboratory and Therapeutic Hemapheresis)

United Blood Services

  • See Blood Systems Laboratories links above

Billing Information

Reference Laboratory and HLA testing along with cellular therapy processing services, are billed directly to our hospital customers once a month from the finance department of Vitalant in Phoenix, Arizona. Transfusion Services testing and blood components are invoiced to the customer semi-monthly. Payment terms are net 30 days, unless otherwise agreed.