IRL uses Capture-P Platelet Antibody Screen


IRL Replaces PakPlus Platelet Antibody Detection Assay with Capture-P Platelet Antibody Screen Effective January 1, 2016 the Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL) at Vitalant in Arizona will convert from using the Immucor® PakPlus® (ELISA methodology) to the Immucor Capture-P® Ready-Screen® assay (solid phase methodology) for platelet antibody detection (screen). With the Capture-P Ready-Screen, there is no discrimination between the antibody specificity. Results will be reported as positive or negative for HLAI and/or platelet-specific antibodies. Capture-P Ready-Screen positive samples should be followed up with an order for the Luminex Class I HLAI antibody screen assay. Sample requirements for the Capture-P Ready-Screen assay are the same as for Capture-P crossmatch assay, 3-7 mL of serum or plasma.

Available tests at Vitalant for the management of platelet refractory patients will continue to include platelet crossmatch (Capture-P), HLAI antibody screening (Luminex®), HLAI antibody identification (Luminex) and HLAI typing.

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